International freight Management end to end.

Specific logistics Management team have worked in the International freight logistics field for over 40years. Our International partnerships and experience can find you most cost-effective solution to manage your end to end freight requirements no matter the size or complexity of your logistics project.

We will tailor a solution that meets your Freight needs or project timelines. Budget needs andrequirement will be discussed and formalised.

International Logistics Management

Our Specific logistics team has experience in handling many different types of freight, from household goods to commercial shipments. Our experience in this process means your import or export shipment will be handled in the most efficient manner, to ensure speed of shipment and value for money. Payments of taxes and duties will be clearly laid out for transparency and in a way that you understand your liabilities.

Interstate Freight Management

Specific Logistics understands the complexity of interstate freight management. We have multiple interstate options from rail to road or air freight dependant on the required timelines and budget constraints. No other country in the world has the complexities of Australian interstate transport with the largest distances between major capital cities and added to this the differing state quarantine laws, makes this unique across major markets.