Specific Change Management

Specific Management we understand that any change in business can be very difficult but if completed correctly this will provide an overallbusiness process change to effectively add to people and culture.

This process is very consultative starting with meeting the needs of the management and the overall result you are looking to achieve.

Then meeting each department to ensure they understand all the changes that will be required.

We will then start the process of considering the specific requirements of each business unit this will be formalised in a report to look at how the change can be executed and time frames to have this completed.

Specific Recycle Management
Our aim is to reduce the impact on the environment through unnecessary disposal to landfill.

Firstly, we remove all data from your IT equipment, and then market for sale either directly or after refurbishment. All funds are returned to you once recycled. If they can not be resold, we will try and recycle the constituent parts.

This helps protect the environment through reducing disposal via landfill or other means.

We maximise our contacts in the field to deliver the best result for you.

General Office
Any furniture or equipment not required will be handled by us either through resale or we will engage with charities and good causes. What’s left will be processed where possible at a recycling centre. Any funds received will be returned to you.